Teamero Appointments

The Teamero Appointments add-on will take your salon, studio, clinic (or whatever business you’re) to a whole new level. Start pushing customers to your website to reserve their spot today or in the future by simply going to the calendar, choosing a day that’s available and the time that’s available. We can configure your appointments scheduler to charge nothing, charge a percentage to reserve the spot, or charge the full amount in advance. We can set this up just a couple of days and your customers will be booking your “whatever’s” in no time!



Paid, Deposit or Free Booking

Whether you need to allow your customer to just reserve a spot for free or you want them to pay before they play, this add-on has  what you need.

Multiple Locations

Whether you have one location or 50, this add-on is the perfect solution for your business because there are no limits.

Unlimited Service Providers

Each service provider can have their own profile page and drop down whenever your visitor is selecting who they want to provide the service. Each service provider can also have different pricing levels.

Set Your Own Rules

You can set your own working hours, break hours, and days so that you’re not booked when you’re supposed to be sittin’ on the beach.

Google Calendar Sync

Works with Google Calendar for your users to sync their new appointment with their calendar.

Customizable Appointment Form

We can customize the appointment form to ask additional information if you need it. This is helpful when you need to gather a little more information about the appointment.

Appointment Reminders Emails

This add-on will allow you to have the system automatically send out appointment reminder emails to your customers so they don’t leave you with in unbillable spot on your schedule.

Auto-fill for Repeat Clients

Your repeat customers can get in and out faster because the form will recognize they’ve been there before and pre-fill in the general information upon checkout.

Highly Customizable

We can configure and style the appointments add on in so many ways, because it’s built with expansion in mind.

Here are some screenshots to give you a closer look…

The configuration area for setting your hours
The configuration area for setting your holidays and weekends
The calendar view where you select your day and time
The Check out screen

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