Teamero Newsletter

The Teamero Newsletter will empower you to start marketing to your existing customers. You will be able to tap into the benefits of warm leads, and harness the power of your own strong business relationships. You’re  existing customers already know you and have already established a good working relationship with you, so now all you have to do is start communicating with them regularly. Sending out a newsletter is easy with this module. It’s as simple as writing the message and inserting an image to represent your message. It’s almost as simple as sending an email out from your email program, only this goes to everyone at one time and they can unsubscribe if they choose.



Includes Set Up of Your Theme

We set it all up for you, so there’s no configuration. we will design your newsletter to match your website so all of your branding is consistent.

Newsletter Groups

Send newsletters to all subscribers or just one group. And yes, You get unlimited groups.

See Who’s Getting the Newsletter

See which subscribers are seeing your emails and which ones are not, so you can be better informed.

Mobile Friendly

Your newsletter will look great on a smart phone because it’s built on a responsive platform with mobile users in mind.

Uses Your Email for Easier Communication

Uses your email account or we can set one up for you using your domain name so your brand maintains consistency and makes communicating with your members  a breeze.

Plays Well with Your Cart

If you have a shopping cart on your website, it integrates nicely with your cart so you can send notifications to your customers or just regular subscribers.

Newsletter Themes

7 Different pre-designed and highly customizable email themes.

Unsubscribe Feature

Your subscribers and/or customers can unsubscribe with a single click so it’s easy and you don’t get blacklisted.

Double Opt-in

Use double opt-in for new subscribers, or don’t. It’s up to you and how you want your settings configured.

Here are some screenshots to give you a closer look…

See all the important details about your newsletters in one screen
An easy to use visual editor
Set your newsletters background image as well as the title bar image.
Send Unlimited tests to yourself so you can be confident in how it will look


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