Teamero Member Manager

The Teamero Member Manager will enable you to create different levels of memberships. You will be able to protect your content (tutorials, videos, ebooks, courses) behind a membership login and start charging users to access it. Teamero Member Manager lets you selectively protect your articles/posts/pages by creating various membership access levels (example: Free, Silver, Gold etc.) and protect the content (posts, pages) of your site.



Manually Approve Members

You can manually approve your members. The members can only log into the site after you have reviewed the details and activated the membership account.

One Time or Recurring Payment

You can charge a One Time payment or a recurring payment for your membership access. You can charge a monthly or yearly fee for the access. Whatever you want!

Unlimited Access Levels

Create unlimited number of membership access levels (free, Silver, Gold, Platinum etc). You can charge based on different access levels.

Content Protection

Selectively protect individual pages and blog posts. Create different access levels and select which blog posts and pages can be viewed which access level with a simple check box.

Easy User Management

View all your members, their access levels, account status all from the administrative dashboard. Move or upgrade them to different account levels with ease.

After Login Redirection

Set the page that your members will be sent to after they log into the site. You can set different redirection pages for different membership access levels.

PayPal Integration for Membership Payments

Teamero Member Manager will accept PayPal so you can accept membership payments directly into your PayPal account, allowing your members to pay with their Visa MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card or PayPal.

You will be able to charge one time fee or recurring subscription fee for your site membership. For example: you can setup a Buy Now button to charge $49 for a 6 month access to your premium membership access. Or you could setup a subscription button to charge $19.95 per month (recurring payment) for the access.

Flexible and highly configurable!